About us

Welcome to Makemesurprise !
Makemesurprise is a workshop dedicated to bringing surprises to life. We started with three people and after almost two years of hard work, we have more working partners to work together full of passion. In order to bring the most beautiful surprises to our customers, Makemesurprise guys are filled with the desire for pursuing the most surprising gift for our customers.
Creativity is always the most eye-catching element and the most crucial factor to be able to surprise people, so we work with fun designers and artist-like art painters. We sit together and discuss a series of cutting edge, interesting and people-surprisingly products for our customers.
We will persist in our passion to create new products to meet the preferences of more users and bring the most beautiful surprises to children, lovers and friends.
Don't hesitate to reach us by support@makemesurprise.com if you have any question or good idea want us to make!